Our high-level international clients have helped us to meet varied and excellent standards. We offer a unique range of possibilities within the corporate and business events in Barcelona. We take care of every detail. Our extensive experience and sector knowledge guarantees a flawless service. Our tailored approach ensures the originality and exclusiveness of your event. Fira uses a specific strategy for the planning and management of catering services within the venue. To provide a wider offer, we avoid one-size-fits-all cookie cutter solutions. We morph to become what you need – regardless of the size or duration of the event, considering all dietary, allergy, religious needs, topped with your own corporate logo.


We offer a all scales of service for your event: from mobile catering units to coffee breaks, snacks to a gala dinner or party. Let us surprise and thrill your attendees with a sophisticated culinary experience.


Creative ideas and themes, global and comprehensive conceptions, logistics and flexibility are some of the aspects of our events, customized for your corporate event. Hacemos comedores y picnic, parties customizadas.


Gastrofira offers a wide variety of catering services to exhibitors. Check our catering catalogue or if you have booked a space in an exhibition event, login into the Fira Store of your event.


Click on the links below to check examples of our menus or branding opportunities in products or spaces.