We have a clear commitment to sustainable development, with the creation of social value and the generation of wealth and well-being for Barcelona and its surroundings.

Looking towards the future, we’re focusing our efforts on contributing to the SDGs, approved by the UN in 2015, including them in our strategy and extending this commintment to exhibitors and visitors.

Gastrofira is committed to promoting sustainable practices and implementing the targets set within the SDGs to strengthen the links between food, people and the planet.

Food Waste​

Gastrofira collaborates with several programs to reduce food waste:

We help organisers to create an offer with several actions to meet our sustainability goals and reduce food waste. 

We collaborate with “BCN comparteix el menjar” (Barcelona shares food), an NGO that works to distribute food to citizens in need. Through this project, Nutrition Without Borders (NSF) supplies surplus food from hotels or other catering outlets to the nearest social kitchens. Since 2012, Nutrició sense fronteres has delivered 70 tons of cooked food to 15 social entities.

We also collaborate with Banc dels Aliments (Food Bank). This NGO obtains food, distributes it to social entities ans uses the resources available to regulate food deliveries throughout the year.

In 2021, they have collected 23,000 tons of food from surplus, waste and funds of the EU.


With the huge amount of material supplied to Gastrofira every year, we’re committed to increasing the use of compostable and recyclable materials through the following actions:
Plastic Reduction

We have reduced the use of aluminium cans, single-use plastics and PET bottles and favoured the use of degradable polymers (PLA).


We have encourage and offer the service of water distributors. The osmosis tap water avoids the use of plastic bottles.

Coffee capsules recycling

We collect all coffee capsules at the end of the events and separate them from the rest of waste. 


Gastrofira donates material (tables, plates, cutlery) to local NGOs. 

Oil reuse

We collaborate in a program called "Rastro solidario" that reuses frying oil for social purposes. 

Tetrabrik packaging

We avoid the use of milk tetrabrik bottles.

Action on society

Gastrofira supports initiatives and local community partnerships that help young people gain the employability, skills and confidence they need to succeed.

Environmental impact

Gastrofira explores the complex relationships between climate change and food systems and attempts to locally mitigate climate change through using local suppliers for a 60% of the items purchased for food production. We require to all our partners and suppliers to follow sustainable policies as we do.

Cuina Justa

It’s a program that promotes and encourages social inclusion and employment of people with disabilities. 


Cuina Justa believes that the best way to integrate those who have more difficulties is by offering a job that is justified by its efficiency and economic rationality, which results in a product with a high level of commitment and quality. It is, therefore, a project of social and solidarity helping people in the construction of an identity as a worker and citizen, combining the economic and social purposes.

Melting pot

This program promotes intercultural relations and the recognition of diversity through the food and talent of our chefs. We encourage new opportunities and support the talents of migrant entrepreneurs.


Fundació Espigoladors fights against food waste and losses, giving a second opportunity to ugly and imperfect fruits and vegetables. It empowers people at risk of social exclusion from a transformative, participative, inclusive and sustainable way.