We are Gastrofira

We have created a talented team made up of outstanding professionals from the food sector, capable of reaching the level of excellence that your event deserves.

Gastrofira is made up of young, innovative and dynamic people who design tailor-made planning and management strategies for catering services.

We adapt to your needs regardless of the size or duration of the events.

Our principles commit us to the social welfare and the planet


The great advantage of Gastrofira is its facilities: the kitchen and all the storage areas are inside the premises, which allows us to deal with any order with absolute immediacy and flexibility. The more than 4,000 m2 of kitchen space meets international standards and requirements and is provided with strict operational divisions between delivery, cold storage, preparation, cooking, packaging and collection areas. We also have warehouses distributed throughout the venue, which prevents us from having to travel long distances during events.

Our lines of business

  • Catering services (for any type of event)
  • Managing outlets in fixed spaces
  • Coordination of street vendors and temporary points of sale
  • Delivery catering services
  • High-end restaurant (Nuclo)
  • High-end catering (Nuclo catering)
  • Vending machines for catering items
  • Agreement with food and beverage brands


We work in the two venues of Fira de Barcelona: Gran Via and Montjuïc.


Gran via

We make your event an unforgettable moment


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Are you an exhibitor?

If you are an exhibitor at any of the Fira de Barcelona events, go to the event website and look for the Exhibitor Area to access the ServiFira e-commerce page.

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Gastrofira is proud to collaborate in the project BCNcompartaix el menjar (BCN shares food) of the local NGO Nutrition without borders that manages a network of food resources aimed at combating poverty in Barcelona. Nutrition without Borders (NSF) works with numerous professionals from different sectors (dieticians, nutritionists, doctors, veterinarians, pharmacists, nurses, farmers, etc.) who have contributed to designing the BCN sharing the menjar project, integrated into a broader network that harnesses food resources that would otherwise go to waste. Click here to see the certificate of our collaboration. Thanks to this project, NSF supplies the nearest soup kitchens with leftover products from hotels and catering establishments.

Gastrofira offers a wide variety of culinary options adapted to different diets and nutritional needs. Organizers and attendees are encouraged to discuss their specific needs with the sales department; we will do our best to propose an extensive list of alternatives. Allergen information points can also be requested in advance.

Our chefs work hand-in-hand with in-house nutrition experts to create recipes tailored to all dietary restrictions.

We also offer menus adapted to religious requirements. You will find more information in the ‘Cuisine‘ section.

Sustainability (social, economic and environmental)

The combination of local suppliers and recipes based on traditional Catalan cuisine is the ideal way to introduce visitors to our fresh, high-quality, seasonal local products. Gastrofira is committed to implementing sustainable practices in all its operations.

We use bulk supplies where possible and recycle paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and metal at one of the city’s recycling plants. We also take advantage of compostable material or disposable biological material (bioware).

In addition, we work in collaboration with companies that hire people from groups at risk of social exclusion.

Here you can find a summary document on the application of the SDGs in Gastrofira.

Gastrofira applies the strictest standards in terms of hygiene and safety in the production process. Our strict internal standards are certified by leading government agencies and meet the strictest criteria. The food safety program implemented by Gastrofira is based on the HACCP system (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points). We carry out regular laboratory analyzes as well as food hygiene audits that guarantee the highest quality levels in all our services and initiatives: first-class fresh ingredients, outstanding Mediterranean cuisine and meticulous preparation. Access the SAIA website.